I UK [mæs] / US noun
Word forms "mass":
singular mass plural masses
a) [countable] a large quantity or number
mass of:

We need to turn this mass of evidence into a coherent argument.

There's a mass of competing anti-virus programs you can choose from.

b) masses
[plural] informal a lot mass of:

Masses of people attended the meeting.

2) [countable] a lump or amount of a substance that does not have a clear or definite shape

The vegetables had turned into a sticky mass at the bottom of the pan.

mass of:

All that was left of the car was a mass of twisted metal.

a mass of dark cloud

a) [singular] a large crowd of people
mass of:

A mass of people followed the procession.

a seething mass (= moving in all directions):

a seething mass of protesters

b) the masses
[plural] ordinary people who are not rich or famous. This word usually shows that you think ordinary people are not important or intelligent

It is entertainment that will appeal to the masses.

a) mass or Mass
[countable/uncountable] the main religious ceremony of the Roman Catholic church

They go to mass every Sunday.

b) [countable] music a piece of music written for some of the prayers in the mass

Bach's Mass in B Minor

5) [uncountable] chemistry the amount of matter that something contains

II UK [mæs] / US adjective [only before noun] **
involving or affecting a large number of people

weapons of mass destruction

the problem of mass unemployment

Nouns frequently used with mass
▪  destruction, exodus, extinction, hysteria, killings, movement, murder, protest, unemployment
III UK [mæs] / US verb [intransitive]
Word forms "mass":
present tense I/you/we/they mass he/she/it masses present participle massing past tense massed past participle massed
a) to come together and form a large group

Troops are massing along the southern border.

b) [transitive] to bring people together and make them form a large group

More than 5,000 police were massed within two days.

English dictionary. 2014.

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